WUNJO rune meaning: regain faith in life

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Wunjo rune meaning is associated with joy, happiness, and harmony. The Wunjo rune is often associated with the god Odin, who was known as the god of wisdom, poetry, and inspiration. The period of gnawing at yourself is over, so you have found yourself and regained purpose. You can get well-deserved results, unexpected surprises, as well as emotional rewards. Even if the energy was blocked before, it will be revealed now. But if WUNJO in divination characterizes a crisis situation, then this should be understood as a rather difficult period, but not a stagnant one.

Key Concepts: the severity of the crisis is one of the WUNJO rune meanings. It is pivotal to think and ruminate on the nature of your problems. You will see for yourself that everything that is happening at the moment is a life challenge. Be focused on what is happening in the present moment. You should believe in your own strength and then your life will be smooth. 

Psi: a state of fulfillment, satisfaction, positive thinking, like-mindedness, and identical opinion.

Energy: thanks to the WUNJO rune, the emotional state is recovered and improved. There is a surge of energy. It gives a lot of joy, the period of failures and troubles ends, and the era of darkness transforms into an illuminated life path. self-assurance is at the heart of your strength and all you need is not to doubt! The rune will support the desire to achieve goals, improve mood and strengthen relationships. Also, the rune will help to remove negative energy and create a feeling of peace. WUNJO rune magic is for those who have lost faith in themselves and are constantly in a bad mood, have lost their inner energy.

Mundane: harmony and peacefulness in your life, enhanced well-being.

Divinations: whatever you undertake, everything will work out for you. Things will go up, you will make big profits. However, there is a risk that now is not your time. If you feel like it is so, then you need to wait for a while before making a lot of effort. But still, the key message of rune WUNJO is that when you can reach the level you've planned, just act, and everything will work out for you.

Governs: all endeavors and attempts to attain success, well-being, increased self-esteem; correction of some obstacles in relationships with others; the ability to bring the started business or idea to the final and satisfying result; protection of your ideas, bringing them to perfection; appreciation and respect for true friendship.

Reversed meaning: if this symbol fell out upside down, its meaning would be opposite to the original one. If you have conceived something, then the expectation will not be satisfactory and it will take too long to obtain the first results. Such a WUNJO rune meaning suggests that the time you are currently experiencing is the most difficult. Be careful as an ideal relationship is hindered by a minor flaw or temporary annoyance by multiple factors. If you find the strength in yourself to find this little thing, all barriers will be removed too. And the results achieved will be fixed for years to come. You should think about your lifestyle. It's time to break bad habits. The body is still coping with the increased load, but its resources are running out. You need to put in more effort to get the results you want. Perhaps you need to finish some of your business that you have not completed yet.

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