URUZ rune meaning: how to understand the spiritual sign

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Uruz rune meaning is associated with strength, power, vitality, and primal energy. It represents the energy of the wild ox, which was a symbol of strength and fertility in many ancient cultures.

The period of new endeavors is the most pivotal URUZ rune meaning. Old matters and projects must be completed and the tension connected with them must be let go. The frontiers of life have already passed the dormant and stagnation stage in order to transform into a new form. In a certain sense, this indicates new opportunities, which at first may seem like a loss. Rebirth will begin from past actions and mistakes.

Key Concepts: one outgrows old life patterns and habits and begins a new path full of strength,  bravery, and liveliness. Rune URUZ is about the willingness to have inevitable, irreversible changes.

Psi: decisiveness, diligence, fearlessness, willpower, self-sufficiency.

Energy: a symbol of magical potency and the energy of creativity. However, this kind of force is not intensive but will have a soft, gradual impact. The rune carries the life-giving force and energy of life. It is desirable to use its properties in the treatment of diseases, for the occurrence of new friendships or love relationships, for enhancing self-confidence, and for refueling the internal resources of the body in order to give it quick healing. URUZ rune symbol assists in generating atypical thoughts and spectacular ideas.

Mundane: physical resilience, recovery, health.

Divinations: it is distinguished by exceptional and extraordinary bravery. It governs changes of an unexpected nature. It foretells changes that can be natural, and one should not pass them by. And if the general URUZ rune meaning is about vigorous feelings, it can predict somebody's weakness or illness. But using the sign, it will be easy to heal.


  • the desire to turn your dreams into real actions and deeds;
  • the need to give up everything superfluous that may burden you and build up internal energy;
  • the confident movement toward the future;
  • a boost in work capacity;
  • a sense of independence.

Reversed meaning: it means disorganized power and opportunities that have been missed. It begins to seem that you are being fought with your own forces. This is a peculiar and alarming signal, hinting at certain failures in the future. That is why it is imperative to seriously analyze your personality and not turn onto the dark road from the clear and illuminated path. Other URUZ rune meanings are weakness, lack of desires and aspirations, fear of difficulties that have arisen as a result of stagnation in relationships, unused opportunities, and loss of faith in success. Disappointment and depression. It can mean addiction to bad habits (alcohol, smoking) and sexual and psychological troubles with the partner.

Remember, that runes symbols are quite powerful and their meanings should not be missed since this wisdom has been handed down for centuries. Each rune has its own purpose: some protect, some heal, some guide, and some attract money and success. An amulet or talisman of a rune called URUZ can change a person's life if only the rules of using it are followed. The level of awareness and skills does not play the main importance, because the runes are obeyed by those who sincerely believe in their power.

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