THURISAZ rune meaning: grab the inner power

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THURISAZ rune meaning is associated with the power of Thor, the god of thunder and lightning in Norse mythology. The Thurisaz rune is often associated with protection, defense, and strength.

The past life is left behind, so past victories, rewards, joys, and sorrows remain in your memory storage. Look around and think for a moment. There are so many things that you need to let go of. Get rid of some burdens, you can confidently make the next step without being trapped in some hidden deception scheme. Usually, the THURISAZ rune meaning comprises a warning — do not be too self-confident and don't count on further luck since success won't be brought by chance as it was earlier. A critical and cool-headed analysis of the current situation is pivotal. This will help you not to stream forward headlong, not noticing life warnings.  Sometimes THURISAZ rune indicates a lack of justice or too much stubbornness. After all, achieving the desired result is usually a tall order and requires effort and a strong focus.

Key Concepts: get rid of what hinders you, but take care of your set values and vision. Never betray yourself. Do not make a hasty judgment before considering and exploring all the facts, because problems will add up intensively and you will be bogged down with seeking solutions. THURISAZ rune is about events that require one to give full effort. Keep in mind the next:

  • it symbolizes the time needed for self-discovery, analysis of one's life, and search for answers to burning questions. Don't dwell on the past and try to eliminate thoughts that weigh heavily on you;
  • spiritual development and rethinking some aspects must occur;
  • there are moments of insight in life, and the search ends in finding an answer;
  • in order to complete the work, you have to be filled with energy;
  • you need to use the THURISAZ rune symbol carefully because it really has incredible power.

Psi: eagerness, struggle against unawareness.

Energy: you must understand what you have inside: it requires the utmost concentration and self-discipline, as well as focus to make pivotal decisions. It will provide you with strong protection from the evil eye or any kind of psychological influence. It is about the stimulation of initiative, as well as defense from enemy actions.

Mundane: inexorable changes and upheavals.

Divinations: overcoming adverse or even hostile influences, dogged determination, achievement of results, wise application of power, willpower, fending off problems, love and benevolence, inspiration and effort for people of art, and success.

Governs: resistance to harmful influences from outside; strength and dispersing apathy and melancholy; preparation of the foundation for new ideas; understanding the relationship with other individuals and objects around you; transparency to easily detect all barriers and limitations.

Reversed meaning: weaknesses and dependence on external circumstances are about upside down THURISAZ rune meaning. Therefore, one should reflect on the current situation, analyze the environment, and deduce the right inference. Often, people deceive themselves, choosing completely the wrong motives that they need and, accordingly, create many new problems that turn out to be even more unpleasant compared to the initial difficulties. Learn to analyze the situation and all variables and treat them correctly.

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