TIWAZ rune meaning: open up a stronger spirit

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Human will and power of character are acquired through action. All you can do is rely on your destiny. Just allow it to coordinate your life. This is how character is shaped. TIWAZ rune meaning encompasses a message about the importance of being consistent and patient. This rune is truly victorious. It is filled with the spirit of competition and is often connected with the battle of true strength against injustice. You must fight for your faith, no matter the odds, and only then, you can expect success and prosperity. TIWAZ rune magic has a powerful motivation that indicates your willingness to win and the desire to accomplish your goals.

Key Concepts: this sign belongs to the warrior and is filled with the energy of Mars. With its help, any individual can acquire the ability to fight – even with the chaos of the inner self. It's time for intensive actions.

Psi: justice, honor, wisdom of a warrior.

Energy: it possesses the strength of a raging warrior who is capable of defeating a hundred enemies. The TIWAZ rune is bestowed by the higher powers and far exceeds your personal power. It requires from you only fidelity to your goal and braveness. Using the symbol, you will be able to enhance your mental capacity, so triumph awaits you on the path of life. The rune is great for people dedicated to their goals and those who are ready to go to the very end. Only the strong in spirit individuals will feel all its strength.

Mundane: it is a symbol of winning over enemies, and it is fully deserved due to your efforts. TIWAZ rune meaning is filled with the energy of justice, and warriors used to put this symbol on their weapons in ancient times. It has the power of purposefulness and achievement of higher goals thanks to self-sacrifice or the sacrifice of something important.

Divinations: the rune informs you of an imminent victory in every matter but it will not come as easily as you would like. You will have to make an effort and try really hard. It also reports that without your intensive and persistent participation, all your affairs can simply fail.

Governs: your sense of attention, vigilance, and responsibility; a boost in strength to work more efficiently; protection from stress due to adversity and over-confidence in one's own strengths and abilities; proper behavior under stress and tension; the ability to shield away from all the troubles that have fallen on you; nobleness in business and in relations with others.

Reversed meaning: a loss of energy due to the fact that you were doing something wrong is the key message in the upside-down position. At a certain level, the energy flow will simply stop. You should think about whether you live correctly. This is not about a harsh lifetime, but about the period for solving internal problems. There is a danger that the energy will leave you due to untimely actions. Think about how harmoniously you exist in the world around you. Examine your own motives and look for answers in yourself, and not in recommendations received from outside.

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