SOWILO rune meaning: embrace your hidden potential

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The Sowilo rune symbolizes the sun, the life-giving force and the source of light and energy. It represents success, achievement, victory, and enlightenment. It is associated with the god Thor and the goddess Sunna in Norse mythology.  Through this symbol, it is possible to regain vitality. Remember that sometimes, it is better to take a step back to avoid a hazardous outcome. At the same time, the secret life force will be revealed.

Key Concepts: this rune represents completeness. It sums up certain results and clarifies those things that were previously confusing. It is paramount to attain harmony, and for this — to retreat temporarily. If you suddenly start to feel unenergetic, immediately step back. Otherwise, everything will turn out not to your advantage. SOWILO is connected with enthusiasm and spirit. It suggests following a certain path. It is of paramount importance because of inner needs, and not because there are any concealed motives. Using the power of the SOWILO rune stone, you will experience enlightenment and will be full of harmony. You will reshape your worldview and attitudes, filling yourself with inspiration. Bright and warm sunlight always brings joy.  It speaks of prosperity and well-being and contributes to the vision of surrounding things and events in their true, unobscured state. It should be used to add self-esteem and find the true path, especially if a person is in total darkness right now. The sign helps to increase inner resistance and gives an impetus to seek further growth. Also, it can be used for rejuvenation or to minimize aging symptoms.

Psi: integrity, surprising fact, inspiration.

Energy: translated from Scandinavian, it means the sun, and the SOWILO rune meaning is totally opposite to the surrounding runes Algiz and Tiwaz. One of the brightest and most joyful symbols, which has the Sun energy. It will help cleanse the chakras and be prosperous.

Mundane: action, credence, sunlight.

Divinations: it also happens that the SOWILO rune brings a positive prognosis to people asking questions about their own health. Accordingly, one can safely expect a recovery, or there can be a significant improvement in the situation for someone who is burdened with diseases. This sign directly relates to solar power and is literally filled with positive potential. It can be recognized as future success and, therefore, the rune can be also interpreted as the victorious one.

Governs: enlightenment; understanding of the whole deep meaning of surrounding things, individuals, and events; developed senses and intuition; hidden abilities that will help in attaining the desired heights; enthusiasm and proficiency; fulfillment of unrealizable dreams; a feeling of youth that unlocks the true desires hidden in the recesses of your mind.

Reversed meaning: poor advice, fake goals and desires, naivety, and collapse are the SOWILO rune interpretations in the upside-down position. All positive energies are transformed into negative ones, so be on alert and cautious.

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