PERTHRO rune meaning: reveal your intuition and dive into the unknown

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Inspiring a change in consciousness, this rune becomes a guide through this process and greatly facilitates it. That is the reason why this esoteric sign must be used very carefully to avoid unexpected discoveries within your world perception. Still, the PERTHRO rune meaning is not explored fully, and this is one of the most mysterious omens in the rune system.

Key Concepts: secrets, conception, birth, death. It represents the forces that need to be known. Its effect is filled with intimate, occult, and concealed senses. Without making the extra mental effort, it would be difficult to understand this symbol. Since it symbolizes the search, it affects the fundamental principles of your fate. PERTHRO rune magic manifests itself when you discover what was previously hidden. For example, it can be discovering someone’s secret. For some individuals, it portends mental and emotional death and then rebirth. Accordingly, you should let go of the past and direct your focus on the future. Its message usually implies hidden things, secrets, and even mystic abilities.

Psi: intuitiveness and developed sixth sense, a remarkable concurrence of circumstances or events, exploration of the unknown.

Energy: the process of being reincarnated or born again is one of the PERTHRO rune meanings. It is filled with the energy of Mars, as well as Pluto. A phoenix is considered its symbol — first, there will be death, and then a revival from ashes and transformations. Change of consciousness helps a person clearly see inner strengths and weaknesses and understand the essence of the things and events that surround this person. The symbol can be used to search for lost things or people. In addition, it is suitable for finding a way out of difficult situations, as it helps to find the most correct solution to the problem. You can also use it in affairs requiring advanced intuition, for example, in the field of investment.

Mundane: game of chance, unexpected occasions, and random events.

Divinations: you will reveal what was secreted in the past. But don't get frustrated because rune PERTHRO is always about a positive outcome. Moreover, it implies unexpected benefits and pleasant surprises, including financial gains.

Governs: confidence in the future and an impetus to the development of new plans and ideas; understanding what is happening around you and seeing deeply and clearly all the internal movements of the people around you or events; revealing one's internal potential; getting pleasure and joy from everyday routine matters, whether it is work, study, or household chores.

Reversed meaning: upside down position means the “death of the past”. It is also some kind of stagnation since the past is already approaching the final stage, and the future has not yet come. Accordingly, don't expect anything new, fresh experiences and emotions are excluded in the nearest future. However, don't dwell on the past. Also, don’t beat yourself up over mistakes or poor choices. The thing is that recalling past achievements or mistakes will interfere with the present. But this is the time when it is necessary to change. 

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