OTHALA rune meaning: be honest with yourself to fend off problems

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OTHALA is the last rune of the Elder Futhark, the oldest runic alphabet. Its shape resembles the letter "O". OTHALA represents the idea of inheritance, legacy, and ancestral property.

The rune is closely related to the understanding of patriotism, devotion to family, fidelity, support of traditions, and inheritance, and of course, the main OTHALA rune meaning is real estate. To launch its energies and power, it is needed to have a very honest attitude towards oneself and the surroundings.

Key Concepts: it is a symbol of some acquisition. The sign suggests ending those relationships and connections that have already outlived their usefulness. It is necessary to rely on your destiny and retreat. However, it should be understood that you need to retreat clearly realizing your capabilities and having a solid rear. OTHALA rune symbol is about some kind of gain, ownership, or acquisition. But all this will be possible only after parting with something.

Psi: the sign is associated with the ancestors and their spiritual energy.

Energy: in an esoteric sense, the OTHALA rune meaning is about safety and security, a shelter where you can hide.  Hiddenness and inaccessibility, real advancement, and the opportunity to gain strength and position are other interpretations. It can also mean strengthening family ties in the form of trust and love.

Mundane: the kin, family, property, and business matters.

Divinations: when a rune is combined with other positive omens, it is an indication of the possibility of future success. Stock up on patience. It suggests that your success depends on careful attention to every detail. You also need to get rid of the old stuff without regret.

It is important to note that understanding OTHALA rune magic is much easier if you clearly understand what you are looking for. So, for example, when it comes to love spreads, it signals the need to break up unpromising, unhealthy relationships. The rune may also be about the loyalty and the decency of the partner.

Governs: an enhanced sense of security and self-confidence; a connection with your past incarnations for harmonious forward movement; a sense of order and relief after getting everything ordered and abandoning chaos; development of your hidden talents and directing your strengths and skills in the right way; understanding your current limits and boundaries; protection at the time of the acquisition, in particular when buying property; harmony with friends and close people.

Reversed meaning: without flexibility, it will be hard to deal with adversities. OTHALA rune reversed message is about some kind of loss. Keep in mind that you do not need to obey any authorities, as there is a risk of loss. Nothing should bind your actions. The main thing to remember is that no matter how much you try, no matter what you do, you still can't do everything planned. Let life take its course. This symbol also denotes disappointment, delays, and some confusion. These may be some of the difficulties we face if we try to progress at a rapid pace. It is necessary to stop, as all new affairs, trips, and purchases will end in failure. Procrastination in this case can benefit you. Avoid impulsive decisions and look before you leap. Don't expect support through the usual channels and connections.

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