LAGUZ rune meaning: reveal the intuitive perception of the world

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Diving deep into life is a need that each of us might be pursuing. This helps to advance our understanding of our desires, endeavors, and values, as well as satisfy our sensual needs. Rune LAGUZ suggests that you can attain success through intuition if you unlock the power of your own abilities and natural potential.

Key Concepts: using the symbol sharpens our stronger perception of the surroundings through our senses. This rune corresponds to our need to live a full life without ruminating, dwelling on the past, or careful evaluation. LAGUZ rune meaning signifies the necessity to pay attention to our emotional needs. Prosperity is more likely to be achieved through intuitive work and attunement to one's abilities. Sharp mental abilities, an agile mind, and good memory are the common interpretations of the sign. Due to rich imagination and the skill to visualize things in vivid detail, one will be capable of gaining powerful academic results.

LAGUZ rune meaning can be interpreted as a time of respite, reassessing, and getting rid of biases. The rune energy can be used by people who are busy learning, as this is how it is possible to improve their memory, be persistent, savvy, and forward-thinking, and achieve great results.

Psi: unconscious thought processing, a strong burst of emotions, imagination.

Energy: this is a solemn tool for having a strong memory capacity which will lead to the success associated with learning. It is time to reconsider perception, vision, and values. Probably, you will need some kind of help from the people around you.

LAGUZ rune magic is intended for people who are looking for ways to be spiritually strong and increase their inner energy. It should be used when an individual is confused and cannot manage one's own emotions, be flexible and responsive, or adapt to current circumstances. Those who strive to prevent quarrels or want to get married should use the energies of the sign.

This symbol is quite complex and must be carefully explored before using it. It is filled with the energy of Mercury. Also, it is directly related to the human capacity to understand things immediately without any conscious reasoning. Its use can sharpen the intuitive understanding of the world around us.

Mundane: intuitive world perception, creative power, cherished aspiration and ambition.

Divinations: its occurrence in fortune-telling usually speaks of an upcoming wedding. The imminent ending of conflicts is another LAGUZ rune meaning. The physical and mental strength will help to fend off all the troubles. A strong-willed person will reach every goal and overcome all adversities.

Governs: realization of hitherto hidden inner forces and revealing natural potential; the ability to better adapt to the changes; sensitivity and intuition; harmonious existence; healing capacity.

Reversed meaning: in this position, it is a warning sign. There are high risks of emotional breakdown. Beware of overstraining because you are too enthusiastic about the idea of achieving the impossible. Excessive effort can cause trouble. Never go beyond your own limits and powers.

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