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Kaunan, also known as Kenaz, meaning is associated with knowledge, creativity, and transformation. Although you are limited and dependent in your actions, at the same time, you serve as the center and source of total harmony, as well as inner strength. KENAZ rune meaning reminds you that even if earlier you had to work in darkness, today there is enough illumination for understanding and clarity. Remember how vital your positive attitude is. If you are encumbered by problems, then when this rune appears, they will be quickly resolved. This is due to the protection that this sign provides. Are you overwhelmed by anxiety? So it's time for a respite. For now, your challenges can be controlled and there won't be too many of them. Now is the time for opportunity, when something good must come.

Key Concepts: everything that has ever been in the shadows now can be illuminated with the  KENAZ rune symbol. It will give you extraordinary enthusiasm and kindle your inner light. The rune will open up creativity and create favorable opportunities. The sign is characterized by the search for knowledge, brings spiritual healing, and patronizes artisans, artists, and researchers. There is a power to create own reality. This is a talisman for innovative, clever people who are aware of how to use imagination. Another aspect is revealing, when something locked is released. KENAZ rune meaning comprises favorable transformations.

Psi: thinking power, strong cognitive capacity, modesty, creativity.

Energy: it can direct human activity in the necessary direction and give this activity a certain strength. A sign of renewal and clarity, dynamic learning, internal transformations, and growth through challenges.

Mundane: development of abilities, creative skills, and imagination.

Divinations: one of the most unpleasant KENAZ rune predictions is the disease. But the calm and peaceful ambiance has a positive effect on the state of health. Also at the moment, you are in complete control of all matters. However, when it comes to project implementation, there is the danger that the project will not move forward without your attention. You will have to stock up on patience and energy.

Governs: an ability to express your thoughts and emotions clearly and concisely; clarity of thought, calmness, and peace of mind; understanding what is most important to you at the current moment in time; awakened enthusiasm for turning fleeting knowledge into final ideas; improved creativity.

Reversed meaning: upside down KENAZ rune meaning denotes obscuration and possible loss. Some aspects of your persona may be destroyed. Accordingly, it will be necessary to abandon what has already become outdated.

You can not predict those situations where some losses may happen. It might be the destruction of a marriage that seemed successful or a long and faithful friendship. It is better to discard such a past and not dwell on the mistakes, even if such an attitude will lead to inner emptiness. You should not be afraid. An inverted rune means that you have lost control of the situation due to negligence and insufficient willpower. Probably, you may have lost control of your work.

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