JERA rune meaning: it's time to harvest

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The season has been fertile and quite productive and hence the crop needs to be harvested. JERA rune portends a favorable outcome and satisfactory final results. Such a symbol gives one strength, assists in keeping a good mood despite challenges, and nurtures inner confidence in one's actions. By exploring the JERA rune meaning, you will know how to find the strength to wait for the result, as it may not be quick. This rune is associated with receiving rewards for certain efforts that have been made. In addition, it denotes justice or legality.

Key Concepts: this sign symbolizes the end of something — the end of some period of time. It is about a full cycle ending with a harvest. Thanks to JERA rune magic, some business will finally be completed, but for this, you need to use extra energy in order to gain the desired results. The keywords here are favorable outcomes. Your goal — harvesting.

Psi: timing, the capacity to accept or tolerate troubles without getting irritated, and time control.

Energy: the rune helps remove obstacles and deal with situations that hinder the achievement of results. It should be understood that this rune requires your efforts to collect fruits. It suits those people who need a second wind and who seek how to strengthen their results. A rune completes a certain cycle, symbolizing the spirality of events and the circulation of everything in the universe. The symbol helps in completing the work begun, however, when using it, you should not rush things, because one of the JERA rune meanings is that for everything there is a season. It is good to use it in legal matters for the triumph of justice, the punishment of the guilty, and the acquittal of the innocent.

Mundane: expectancy, reaping the rewards, seasons, patience, results, and harvest.

Divinations: some time is needed. Accordingly, the cycle, as the key JERA rune meaning, implies a season associated with the time for harvest. Since the soil is already ready, and the seeds are planted, you will only have to take care of the future harvest. You will achieve the desired success but only if enough effort will be inputted in. You will have to work hard and blend in harmoniously with the environment. One thing pleases — your work will be rewarded. You worked day and night for good reason, and the rewards for your efforts and shedding sweat, blood, and tears are just around the corner.

Governs: implementation of plans; growth and prosperity; patience — you have to bear in mind that without it, it is rarely possible to get anything; setting up your body for a harmonious existence with natural cycles; unleashing creativity and increasing your natural potential; smart timing for the completion of a particular task, without delays.

Reversed meaning: unexpected failures, bad timing that causes anguish or inconvenience, and poorness or confrontations. These are not the JERA rune reversed interpretations simply because this symbol does not have such a position. But it still holds an opposite meaning which is possible with this symbol. In case it indicates a negative scenario, the result may not be final at all, but only transitional. If there are certain problems that bother you, just put in some effort, and then the possible side effects will be alleviated. You need to believe in yourselves with all your heart, and such an attitude will help you to confront all the challenges that stand in your way.

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