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ISA rune meaning is associated with stillness, patience, and self-discipline. The Isa rune is often associated with the goddess Skadi, who was known as the goddess of winter, hunting, and skiing. ISA rune denotes the process of freezing something, which only suspends, but does not completely eliminate negative effects. Sometimes, for further development and growth, it is simply necessary to take a break, refresh your mind, and deal with those emotions that bind you. The key word is stagnation or a long wait. This period is associated with concealed development, after which revival and improvement must begin.

One of the key messages and ISA rune meanings is that stagnant phenomena are obstructive. This can relate to the spiritual life when a person struggles with a confusing and hard-to-understand situation. Sometimes, the sign speaks of the lack of sufficient strength to cope with the situation, and it remains only to come to terms with it. In this period, you should not hope for help, huge achievements are excluded in the near future. It is better to be isolated and careful.

Key Concepts: stagnation will be definitely followed by intensive development. The sign will help you look inside yourself, you must show steadfastness and humility. If you need to stop the negative processes in your life, take control of the situation, and respite, then ISA rune magic will help you.

Psi: perception of abilities, qualities, skills, and traits that represent you, self-importance, and mental capabilities.

Energy: stability, ordering chaos, and concentration of efforts. It is recommended to slow down or stop, freezing any affairs or events in their current position. It is possible to use the ISA rune symbol if a person needs time for a temporary respite in order to make the right decision, as well as for a vacation to recuperate. It helps you find hidden qualities within yourself that you think you might be lacking.

Mundane: a period or state of passivity, stagnation, or stability, an end of change.

Divinations: whatever plans you have, they must be interrupted and resumed only later, when the time is favorable. Don't expect positive results. At this time, you need to prepare for delays and disappointments.

Governs: the need to calm your emotions and gain a meditative state and clarity of thought; the focus of your attention on the things you need at the moment; fight over mental anxiety and stress; mitigation or neutralization of external negative factors; strong will that is essential for achieving brilliant results without much mental anguish.

Reversed meaning:  it is known that this sign cannot be interpreted in the reversed position, so there is no clear upside-down ISA rune meaning. But at the same time, it gives a guide for different scenarios, both in a situation where everything is going smoothly and when the situation is getting out of hand. For example, the message of the rune in terms of career and business. It doesn’t matter if you are doing well or badly, trying to change something during the time specified by fortune-telling does not make sense. It will not get worse or better from your actions at the moment. You need to wait. 

If things are going well — stock up on strength, as it is still unknown the potential outcome.

If everything is bad — be patient, because everything bad eventually ends, albeit not as quickly as we usually want. It is better to start planning future steps for the time when there will be no obstacles anymore.

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