INGWAZ rune meaning: attract positivity

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The need to get rid of unnecessary stuff and get ready for something new and unusual is the INGWAZ rune meaning. Generally, the symbol creates a balance of vitality and circumstances and promotes fertility and soul blossoming. If you need to open up new domains for self-expression, then this sign will help you with this.

Key Concepts: the work you have begun must be finished and all energy must be concentrated on this goal. INGWAZ rune symbol assists in fending off the burden of the past. Finally, there is a solid way out of the standstill. All your undertakings will come to a successful end. You already have the strength to choose a new path.

Psi: the magic will infuse all your endeavors with the energy of growth, rewiring then negative thinking into more positive. Your life is full of onward movement and flourishing.

Energy: most runes are used for protection, but not this one, as it is a symbol of energy release. It has only good energy. Using rune INGWAZ wisely, the symbol turns out to be efficient in eliminating all negative and affecting events in a good way.

Mundane: the sign of male energy and fertility and sexual activity.

Divinations: practically, it is about the good outcome, and only being surrounded by bad signs in the spread can predict collapse and failure. However, you have the motivation, all the qualities, and the strong will to complete any project. Among other things, it gives relief, which is produced by great accomplishments, and indicates the freedom of the mind from anxiety and overthinking. The INGWAZ rune meaning always signals something really imperative in your destiny. The peacefulness of life may soon be interrupted. You can expect changes and transformations. The surrounding runes tell about what kind of changes await you. And if you want to keep everything under control, take these processes into your own hands.

Also, the INGWAZ rune can warn about fundamental changes in your business matters. You will either end the relationship or take it to a whole new level. There will be some progress with an acute and long-standing problem. There also can be a kind of an emotional shake-up.

Remember that the situation associated with change may be both favorable and not quite favorable for you. This is a direct indication that the past stage has already ended while a new and more exciting phase is about to be started. Freshly gained feeling of freedom will make you perceive things differently.

Governs: self-realization and self-development; the ability to interact with higher powers; conscious perception of reality and surrounding events; strong memorization capacity; enhanced creativity; sharp brain skills; the ability to hope for prosperity in any harsh situation; self-esteem and confidence.

Reversed meaning: such position due to the symmetry of the form is not assumed here, and therefore, this symbol always brings a positive message. However, it is pivotal to learn how to analyze runes in the spread, as the composed message may be diversified, so you must be able to connect with the magic to gain understanding. Use the symbol to your benefit and always explore how to do it smartly.

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