HAGALAZ rune meaning: deep energies affecting your destiny

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Hagalaz meaning is associated with chaos, destruction, and transformation. The Hagalaz rune is often associated with the god Thor, who was known as the god of thunder, storms, and protection. The system of esoteric signs is an effective method of divination that leads to an awareness of some of the forces and energies influencing our destiny. For example, you can activate runes to attract good luck and money, gain protection against failure, defend one on a long journey, and so on. There are both positive and negative omens and messages that each rune carries.  As for the HAGALAZ rune meaning, this is about threatening situations and destruction. It is also about an extreme elemental force that invades a person's life. This force can manifest itself in many forms. It usually entails worldview destruction. It is pegged as the hard-to-control rune.

Key Concepts: despite the destruction aspect, with this elemental energy of the HAGALAZ rune symbol, it is possible to break the vicious cycle and get out of it. However, you will have no control over events. But this is a sign not only of disintegration but also of potential transformations. There is a need to be free from reality and the material world. You cannot influence the destructive course of events, as powerful forces are at their highest peak of activity. However, their forms and methods of influence are varied. HAGALAZ rune denotes delays as well as restrictions, old patterns, and stagnant situations.

Psi: disruption of proper arrangement or systematic functioning, shifts in life.

Energy: you cannot control the destruction that occurs in spontaneous disorder. It can carry both positive and negative energy. But, since the positive forces that affect your destiny are absolutely indifferent to it and can't shape your future, the result is that the negative HAGALAZ rune meaning that pertains to the collapse is dominant. It is also about renewal, gaining freedom, and some changes through the crisis.

Mundane: limitations, disharmonious pattern, barriers, unexpected surprise.

Divinations: liberation from the old; it portends a change for the better and liberation from the obligations that bind you. Rune of change to restore the balance of power. It is possible to use it for the reflection of adverse external influences by turning negative forces into positive ones.

Governs: the need to get rid of unwanted external influences and harmful habits; intuition and the ability to manage it for the benefit of others; the focus on the most important things at the moment; the ability to bring together opposing points of view of others to find compromises; a solid foundation for the upcoming changes for the better in the near future.

Reversed meaning: serious problems have opened your eyes to weaknesses that turned out to be critical in your life. Can you change something at this stage? It is unlikely to reshape your fate now because all you have to do is to accept the situation.

If you unlock the HAGALAZ rune meaning and, at the same time, dive into the messages that other symbols hold, you open for yourself the doors of perception of all the energies that exist in the world. Naturally, such a process cannot be simple because it has a direct impact on your destiny. That is why interaction with runes must be serious and responsible. No frivolity and self-indulgence, along with a lack of faith, are unacceptable. 

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