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FEHU is the first rune in the Elder Futhark, the oldest runic alphabet. Its shape resembles the letter "F". FEHU represents wealth, abundance, and material possessions. It is associated with the concept of cattle, which was an important source of wealth and sustenance in ancient Germanic cultures.

Striving to unclose the unknown of runes, remember to dive into the matter fully and reconnect your inner self with the sign. When it comes to FEHU Rune meaning, it is a convoluted system of the interweaving of energies. The power is retained in the cycle of energy transformations, including financial ones. Usually, it is about prosperity and wellness. And the source of this financial well-being and stability is found in personal energy flows and sometimes, to attain some heights, it is pivotal to redirect those flows and refocus attention. Therefore, it is believed that Rune FEHU is a powerful talisman that draws money into your life. It actively promotes the attraction of money and later transforms the attracted monetary energy into other various financial flows of your life.

Key Concepts: versatility and adaptation, endeavors, prosperity, fortune, compelling attractiveness, burden, debt, possessions, independence. With this sign, it is possible to attract positive energy the right way and fend off all challenges.

Psi: cognitive equilibrium, freedom, inspiring impulse, and motivation.

Energy: it suggests that all accomplishments are possible only if you give a lot of fuel and vibrancy to gain them and acquire the desired things. Obviously, it is a tough row to hoe but FEHU Rune will enhance your motivation. It will definitely attract new sources of income and ways of earning into your life. What else to keep in mind:

  • One will be capable of growing in the professional sphere, the career ladder will not be thorny or grueling but simple and satisfying.
  • The vicious cycle will be broken and, being in a dormant state when dealing with an issue, the progress will finally move from a dead point and an individual will be re-charged.
  • FEHU Rune meaning is also about some kind of warning about the scenario in which one will need to show determination, not paying attention to the opinions of the people.

First of all, needy people who are tired of poverty and wandering seek help from this sign. The rune promotes the receipt of money and protects a person from poverty and all kinds of dangers and hurdles. However, one very strict principle must always be kept in mind: cash should not be a goal in itself! It should serve some higher intentions.

Mundane: finances, property.

Divinations: runes are used not only for making combinations and changing the course of events but also for prediction and forecasts. The FEHU Rune meaning is useful in love fortune-telling. It reveals all the secrets, pitfalls, and hidden aspects.

Governs: the ability to catch the luck, hold it, and get the most out of it.

Reversed meaning: if a direct sign symbolizes a great connection and mutual romantic feelings in which there are both understanding and love, and the financial aspect also plays a paramount role, the upside-down position tells that everything has boiled down to routine and mundanity, and there is a lack of true emotions. Tenderness, passion, and affection have lost their intensity, and only money matters.

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