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To avoid confusion when working with runes, it is pivotal to explore every sign carefully, keeping in mind your desires and goals. Thus, the BERKANAN rune symbol contains the forces for growth, allowing all living things to be born. It is traditionally connected with women. The sign can be used if a person is hatching some fresh ideas or projects.

Key Concepts: the sign supports spiritual improvement, growth, and inner rise. BERKANAN rune meaning is not only symbolic growth but real progress. Your path is being laid to the most prosperous period. However, you should carefully clean the recesses of your soul and mind. The main thing is to be aware of your actions and deeds. The message is usually about birth, but it is not only about human birth. It may be the emergence of a new idea. So, it is necessary to approach the matter consciously and consider all the pros and cons. The result can become quite tangible when it comes to a new project. Realization of any plans is possible. Although BERKANAN rune meaning is about a successful outcome, if the surrounding runes are negative, the obtained progress is unlikely to last too long.

Psi: secretiveness, silence, protection, adultness, insights, reliance.

Energy: the symbol denotes growth and is endowed with the energy of Venus. It is about productive movement, thanks to which rebirth occurs. It is also evidence of good health because growth requires a lot of strength. Accomplishing the goals will require careful and meticulous work. Protective functions extend primarily to children, families, and the home. As for rune energies, then they will help in healing from infertility or make the process of childbirth painless. The energy of this force flows smoothly and manifests itself in everyday affairs. In return, it requires discretion, prudence, and self-control. Excessive chatter and gossip can weaken the effect.

Mundane: things renewal, recovery.

Divinations: since the symbol is often associated with childbirth, this is also usually about a happy family event in the house where your heart lives.

Governs: balanced and harmonized relationships with people close to you; the establishment of a good connection with friends and colleagues at work or study; the vital energy and internal forces accumulated during the rest; your ability to deal with harsh events and confusing crisis situations; the need to throw away everything unnecessary that hinders progress and self-improvement.

Reversed meaning: further progress is a tall order due to external and internal factors. Moreover, internal forces in this case prevail. Reversed rune BERKANAN is a sign of poor well-being. Failing to resist despondency, it would be difficult to achieve anything. Try to carefully analyze all the choices and decisions and their possible consequences. The new life you want to start may not start. Anything that gets in your way needs to be thoroughly researched. Keep in mind that your desires should not interfere with the fulfillment of the desires of other people. The upside-down omen can also be a harbinger of family problems, disagreements, and friction. It is not necessary to perceive the inverted rune as an inevitable fate. Usually, it acts as a warning. You just need to behave yourself wisely.

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