ANSUZ rune meaning: regain your inner harmony

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ANSUZ rune  meaning is associated with communication, inspiration, and divine guidance. The Ansuze rune is often associated with the power of Odin, the god of wisdom and inspiration in Norse mythology.

You can expect all sorts of gifts of fortune with the ANSUZ rune. Even getting a warning should be seen as a godsend and not as something negative which will be hard to overcome. When meeting people, be careful — especially when it comes to casual meetings with wiser and older people. As for your own sensations, you will have a feeling of absolute unity. This sign is about some advice to be taken and wisdom to be understood. More likely, you will have some kind of life exam. ANSUZ rune meaning comprises an alarming message that you must be quite careful and watchful. Sometimes, it promises that in the future, you will have training in a new specialty to gain new skills or a collision with such life situations that you have never encountered before. Be prepared for the fact that a person whose opinion you should listen to and who can teach you a lot will help you.

Key Concepts: getting advice from higher powers, generation of new ideas, a new flow of inspiration; discovering hitherto hidden abilities and revealing natural talents, enhancement of mental abilities and increasing intellect; developing the ability to communicate with others; removing all obstacles and limitations for the harmonious coexistence of soul and body.

Psi: communication, mindpower harmony and growth, enhanced enthusiasm.

Energy: one will be capable of breaking through one's own consciousness. If smartly use the energy of ANSUZ rune symbol, you will shake your mind, recharge your own natural potential, and break through all the barriers that stand in your way to spiritual growth.

Mundane: consider inner honesty when dealing with misconceptions that stand in your way; eradicating self-deception and selfishness.

Divinations: experience, knowledge, and good judgment are synchronized. Soon you will receive valuable knowledge or a hint.

Governs: wisdom for creativity, critical thinking and logic, reconnection with the inner voice.

Reversed meaning: futility and pointlessness are the pivotal ANSUZ rune meanings in the upside-down position. Perhaps you do not understand a lot and make false manipulations. You have to fight your state of severe despondency, low spirit, and dejection to regain hope again. With the reversed signs, you will lose your balance, as it indicates the inevitability of the current events and life scenarios and, at the same time, its timeliness. You are probably worried about a broken connection or a lack of understanding of others. In some cases, the ANSUZ rune denotes deceit. During this period of time, you need to be cautious, try to not believe anyone from the first word, and always analyze all the actions of the people around you.

Most often, it shows that the people you work with are deceiving you and hiding the true state of affairs from you. You should not share your plans with someone, as critical information may be leaked. Analyze all incoming information and be suspicious of all negative messages. Someone from your surrounding spreads dirty rumors and slander. Get ready to defend yourself. A firm position and pre-collected facts will help you to save your reputation.

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