ALGIZ rune meaning: a solid shield against troubles

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The rune creates an extra layer of protection. Thanks to it, the effects of external forces that can cause harm are prevented and the ability to predict dangerous situations is enhanced. ALGIZ rune assists in shielding away from adverse events and situations. However, it is needed to be extremely careful to be able to defend oneself. Action must be taken in a timely and wise manner. There should be no hesitations, as you have received protection from the threat of all misfortunes for a certain time.

Key Concepts: gaining control of one's own emotions during unexpected life changes is pivotal. ALGIZ rune meaning is about certain turns on the path of life and cardinal transformations. Keep in mind that with each new opportunity, there may be a possibility of an unfavorable outcome. This powerful sign can act as a mirror surface for a warrior fighting with his own soul. It can also mean that a beneficial effect is being exerted on your life that has not been provided before. It happens within your system of subconscious emotions and instincts.

Psi: a non-material dimension of a human, the part of a person that is not encumbered by overconfidence or ego.

Energy: a rune of protection used in the combat magic of the Scandinavian North, ensuring triumph and invulnerability in battle. A person must nurture a significant desire for truth and gain a certain flexibility in behavior. ALGIZ rune magic will help you find the strength to cope with any situation and will sharpen your ability to anticipate trouble. It is used for non-breakable defense in critical situations requiring survival. It acts as a protector against any attacks, so one is capable of fending off them easily. It is used to awaken internal forces to combat all external negative influences. It also helps to reduce stress, supports balance during the harshest time, reduces wear and tear of the body, and improves mental well-being.

Mundane: defense, security, spiritual awareness.

Divinations: if there is any serious threat, ALGIZ will be a warning of possible misfortune and adversity, so that it can be avoided. So the ALGIZ rune meaning, in fact, turns out to be favorable.

Governs: a mental ability to generate ideas and thoughts; hidden forces to overcome any obstacles and challenges that fate has prepared for you; solid protection in stressful situations for being able to steadfastly endure adversity; the need to solidify all your ideas with real deeds and actions; strength for new ideas and undertakings.

Reversed meaning: the sign in the upside-down position suggests that you need to be flexible. It is unlikely that you will be able to achieve what you have been striving for, but there is an opportunity to bypass pitfalls. This symbol indicates vulnerability. Perhaps, you were deceived. Probably, you have to opt out of the current offer. Carefully control all your surroundings to avoid backstabbing. A network of lies is skillfully weaving around you. Beware of self-confidence. You can spot some signs of betrayal. Sometimes, this can talk about self-deception in desires. Maybe you wanted to get something for free but such a scenario is unlikely to happen.

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